Perfect day in Fargo: Jill’s itinerary

This itinerary for a perfect day in Fargo comes from the Fargo-Moorhead CVB’s Director of Sales, Jill. 

My perfect day in Fargo (or really anywhere in the world for that matter) would start off with NO alarm going off to wake me.  Leisurely tossing on my most favorite leggings and oversized, way too soft sweatshirt and I’d head to Caribou Coffee, not just for coffee mind you, as I’m obviously not working today, but to splurge on one of the many gooey, full of carbs, breakfast treats.  I would savor the smells of freshly brewed coffee, sugary sweets and quiet chatter of those around me. Everything seeming so much better knowing everyone else is at work and having that naughty feeling of playing hooky.  A quick read of the Fargo Forum and a few swipes though Facebook (a thorough read of the Visit Fargo Moorhead page for sure, just to make sure I do know what is going on in town), a refill and then head down the hall to Vintage Point.

Vintage Point is one of those places that surprises you.  It’s one of those unique treasures in a city that unless you live here, you’d never know to seek it out and stop in when you’re in the area.  They always have those few items that make you say out loud, “my grandma had this in her kitchen” or sadly, “I had this as a kid.”

Sidebar:   Vintage; this term is generally applied to the time period 1960-1979 (yes, I fall into this range).

The real joy isn’t just in the fun vintage items that take you down memory lane, but all the Fargo and North Dakota items they have for sale.  From food items to greeting cards, they have just enough to keep you there longer than your wallet should allow.  They have garnered so many followers that last month they knocked out a wall and are expanding!

At this point, with all this coffee and shopping and venturing into the big city, it’s time for a visit to Hair Success Day Spa!  Oh, the big, white, fluffy robe with matching slippers, it’s heavenly.  As they gently coax you into the herbal steam shower (chair included), it is easy to get lost not just in the fog, but the blissfulness of complete silence.  Once you are shriveled up and completely relaxed from the shower, they have every service you could ever imagine to treat yourself to, but my choice would be facial, pedicure and massage.  Now that I think about it, I must have some pretty cool places on my list, as Hair Success has recently announced they too are building a new facility with over three times as much space!  Who knew I was so hip and cool, a trendsetter, let’s say.

.Now what?  Can you guess?  It’s the middle of the week, the middle of the day, everyone is working, my stomach is satisfied, feeling a little sleepy after the massage, so… a movie!  Not just any movie, but a movie at the Fargo Theatre!  Is there anything that screams HOOKY more than going to a movie all alone in the middle of the day?  No.  It doesn’t even matter what is playing.  To walk into this theatre is like a taking a step back in time.  You can almost see the couples in your mind from 1926 with their dropped waist dresses, felt cloche hats and a long strand of pearls and a gentleman on her arm.  The original chairs, recovered in crushed red velvet and the stage with endless yards of heavy fabric drapes top off the unique feature of the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ emerging from the orchestra pit in the middle of the stage.  I’d love some freshly popped popcorn, but I just ate.  Yea right, who am I kidding? “I’ll have a medium with butter please.”

It’s getting late; I should get home, but I need a quick stop into the Red Silo filled with more ‘vintage’ items. Who doesn’t need just one more washboard for their laundry room or yet another old watering can (I’ll have to hide that one in the trunk for a while)?   Actually, it is a great place to shop and find a gift for that girlfriend that has everything or the random mother-in-law that you have no idea what to purchase (and still keep your daughter-in-law of the year status).

Seriously, I have to get home.  A quick run into Happy Harry’s (no joke, it is a big red barn, complete with a grain bin – heard to be the best and largest humidor in the state) for a bottle (or two) of my favorite red and I am home.  Oh, and that growler that has been rolling around in the truck.  They have the Growler Filling Station so it won’t take long.  Now to decide which unique craft beer to bring home; such important decisions after such a stressful day.

Quick, to the couch, puppies on my lap, cat at my feet, remote in hand (crap, did I remember to set the DVR for the Young and the Restless?) just in a knick of time before husband walks in the door.  “Hey honey, what did you do today?”  My response, “not a thing, just hung out at home with the pets.” 

“Oh, well that’s not fun; would you like to go out to dinner?”   Yes, yes indeed I would.  “How does Barbacoa sound?”

And that’s my perfect day in Fargo.