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You’ve probably seen articles claiming North Dakota is the least-visited state. That’s debatable. What isn’t so debatable is that North Dakota is commonly the last-visited state. That’s why we started the Best For Last Club, a club especially for those who saved the best state (North Dakota) for last in their quest to visit all 50 states. People who just never got around to visiting North Dakota before the other 49 states are also welcome to be members. But, we’re fairly convinced that if North Dakota is your 50th state and you have the privilege of joining the Best For Last Club, you’ll agree that you did indeed ‘save the best for last.’ 

To join the ‘official’ Best For Last Club, stop by the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center and mention to one of our Travel Ambassadors that North Dakota is your 50th state. Our Travel Ambassadors will then roll out the red carpet and celebrate your accomplishment with you. All members inducted into the club sign our member book and receive some official Best For Last Club memorabilia as a keepsake to commemorate their achievement. Photos are taken of the members and posted in an album on our Facebook page. We’ll let you in on a little secret – our Travel Ambassadors love the celebration almost as much as the 50th state visitors do!

It’s fascinating and inspiring to hear the unique stories of the 50th state visitors – experiences they’ve accumulated during their journeys or other milestones (birthday, anniversary, etc.) they are reaching in conjunction with the 50-states achievement. 


The Best For Last Club has been much more popular than we ever imagined it would be. In September 2015, The Wall Street Journal published an (front-page) article on the Best For Last Club. After that article was published, we received many phone calls, email and messages via social media from people telling us how North Dakota was their 50th state and they’d love to be a part of the Best For Last Club. Since the article was published, we’ve seen a huge increase in club membership, and passed the 1,000th member mark in 2016! So we feel the club has been quite successful. Since North Dakotans are generally quite humble and not very good at talking about what a great job we’ve done, we’ll let these nice people do it for us. 

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In addition to its popularity and success, the club has also been incredibly rewarding for us – seeing the excitement of the 50th state visitors upon arriving in North Dakota and being welcomed into the Best For Last Club is pretty uplifting for us. Sometimes the visitors shed tears of joy and that makes us get teary-eyed too…and sometimes we hug them, because this is North Dakota and that’s just what we do.

So if you or someone you know is nearing the completion of the quest to visit all 50 states and North Dakota is still one of the few left, go ahead and save it for last. 

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