Who knew the catfish were SO BIG!

I recently had the opportunity to go catfishing with the infamous Jason Mitchell for his television show
Jason Mitchell Outdoors. As a not-so-avid fisher-(wo)man, I was very nervous about our quest for the river monsters of the Red. Is Jason going to make me bait my own hook? What if the fish are so strong I lose my grip and the fishing pole goes flying into the river? What if I don’t catch anything? These are all things I feared for our day on the water as a newbie to the sport.

We started our day early in the morning as we launched the boat into the water at the convent landing just off of 52nd Ave South in Fargo. We slowly went down stream, stopping to fish spots that looked “fishy” as Jason liked to describe them. It was very peaceful day on the river with lots of opportunities to appreciate wild life. We spotted deer, a few bald eagles, an otter, multiple birds, wild turkeys, and of course, CATFISH!

Throughout the day we caught a total of 7 catfish and I had the privilege of reeling them ALL in. I think one of the best parts about fishing for catfish is they really put up a fight. It’s amazing, until the fish breaches the surface you have no clue how big it really is. Some of the strongest fights that day were with some of the smaller fish.

I am really thankful for Jason Mitchell giving me the opportunity to see the potential catfishing on the Red River. It was amazing to catch a trophy size catfish within city limits. Whether you are a resident or visiting Fargo-Moorhead, the Red River is a hidden gem for some amazing catfishing. And the best part, all the spots we fished could have easily been accessed from the banks of the river. So I encourage you to make your way to the river and relax, enjoy the outdoors, and pick a fight with a catfish or two.

Be sure to tune into Fox Sports Net North at 9:30am on Sunday mornings for Jason Mitchel Outdoors and watch our segment on catfishing in Fargo-Moorhead. And for the record, I DID bait my own hook, no fishing pole was lost to the river, and we caught PLENTY of fish!

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