Reasons to look forward to winter in Fargo-Moorhead (Pt. 2)

A few months back I did a post on reasons to look forward to winter and promised a part two after there was snow on the ground…so here we are. Who knew snow would be so scarce until close to the end of January? I know a  lot of you are just fine with how long it took winter to arrive, but now that it’s officially made its presence known (well, sort of…the forecast shows 30s for this weekend/next week), here are some more reasons to welcome it with open arms.

1.) Fargo Force Hockey
Force hockey games are a great way to spend an evening in F-M. Whether it’s getting together a group of friends and taking in the game or going just because you are a diehard hockey/Fargo Force fan. Plus, the Force had a NINE game winning streak this season…and you know it’s always more fun to cheer for a winning team! 🙂

2.) Candlelight Ski/Snowshoe/Hike
This just sounds like a neat experience. I didn’t even know about this event until this year, but now that I know it exists, I am determined to take part in it. Buffalo River State Park is where it happens and you have the choice of cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or just hiking along a candlelit trail that runs along the Buffalo River. Oh, and I better not leave out the part about hot cocoa and cookies! 🙂 Saturday, January 28 and Saturday, February 4 are the dates for this event if you are looking for something fun & outdoorsy to do!

3.) Snow looks good on F-M
I doubt I’m the only one that would rather see a nice white covering than brown grass all winter. Here’s a couple photos that might help convince even those who beg to differ!

Since we’ve likely not seen the last of winter weather, hopefully one way or another you can enjoy Fargo-Moorhead even during this sometimes not-so-popular season!