But it is cold in Fargo-Moorhead…

Fargo-Moorhead along the Red RiverSo you think it is cold here in Fargo-Moorhead, eh? Well, for the winter months we certainly are! The most common obstacle that we face when it comes to getting visitors to our community are misconceptions about the weather. Thanks to a pretty successful little film called “Fargo” a lot of people seem to think that we are frozen in time and live on a yearlong frozen tundra. I’m not going to lie, the movie did a fair job of capturing what our winter months are like. There’s no doubt, it’s cold and it’s windy.  But not every single day.  There are good days, and more challenging ones.  If you do decide to visit us during the winter months simply bring a hat, coat and some mittens.   You’ll be fine and best of all you can then brag to all your friends that you survived winter in Fargo-Moorhead.  We take a lot of pride in it, so you should too!

So we’ve established the fact that it is cold in the winter, but by no means do we experience those cold, frigid temperatures all year long. In fact, the spring, summer and fall months are quite beautiful in the Red River Valley.  With average temperatures in the 70’s during the summer months we make for a truly great getaway.  It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just right.  The travel season to the region really begins to pick up in May and lasts well into late October.  Today for example, the temps are reaching into the 40’s and the sun is shining brightly.  Hey, it’s only March!  Not too shabby at all.  So don’t be scared away by all the cold weather hype.  We have seasons in Fargo-Moorhead too.

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