Biking in Fargo-Moorhead’s Lindenwood Park

When the weather is wonderful (like it has been recently), sometimes you may think to yourself, “It’s perfect weather to go for a bike ride”…and you’re probably right! 🙂 Maybe you don’t have your own bike or perhaps you’d like to take a ride on a different kind of bike along the beautiful Red River….Lindenwood Bike Rental can help you out! They are located at Lindenwood Park and have a variety of different bikes and cycles for rent.

Here is a little more information about the different rentals that are available…

Fun Cycle
This cycle has three wheels and a pivot frame that allows for quick speeds and outrageous hairpin turns!
$7/half hour, $12/hour

Banana Peel (Fun Cycle)

Banana Peel
A youth-sized version of the Fun Cycle!
$7/half hour, $12/hour

Mini Peel
This is the child-sized version of the Fun Cycle for single riders up to 50 lbs.
$5/half hour, $10 hour

Low Rider & Mini Low Rider
These are single-speed cycles available for both children & adults. If you’re worried about tipping over while flying around curves, this cycle provides a little more stability than the Fun Cycle!
$7/half hour, $12/hour

Single Surrey
This bike seats up to three adults and two children…fun for the whole family!
$10/half hour, $18/hour

Double Surrey
The “Delphino” Surrey easily seats four adults and four children and has four sets of pedals so one person doesn’t have to do all the work!
$18/half hour, $30/hour

Everybody loves tandem bikes, don’t they? Take a spin with your favorite person on one of these built-for-two bicycles!

Tandem Bike

Also available for rent are handicap bikes, Excelerator adult-sized 4-wheeled cycles, and helmets! View the bike rental flyer.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on a nice day or if you need entertainment for birthdays, family reunions, company picnics, or other various gatherings, check out Lindenwood Bike Rental for a change of pace!