Thrillist names Fargo the best food city in North Dakota

Fargo has been ranked the “Best Food City in North Dakota” by Thrillist.

“There are 50 states. All of them nifty. And each with its own unique flavor. As a site dedicated to unabashed love of food cities, we know more than most that not all cities are cut from the same culinary cloth. We also know that some states are home to more great food towns than most countries thrice their size. But what’s the best, most essential, go-to food city for each and every state?

Contrary to what you might believe, it’s not all lutefisk and Midwestern niceties in North Dakota. And Fargo’s not just an offbeat FX dramedy series based on a cult 1996 Coen Brothers hit of the same name, but also North Dakota’s seasoned hub for great food. From the game-changing bison burger at upscale HoDo and divier patties at Sickies Garage (get the grilled-cheese burger), to the next-level, high-end steaks and BBQ at Spitfire, eclectic menus that change on the daily from the super-seasonal Luna, and fine dining at Mezzaluna. Vinyl Taco has the fancy taco trend on lock. Würst Bier Hall and BernBaum’s are your new favorite sausage shop and Jewish/Scandinavian deli, respectively (what, you didn’t already have a favorite?). Stellar food-focused taphouses like Wild Terra Cider and Brewing are popping up everywhere. There are underground hipster dining clubs, too. Have we been wrong about this lutefisk thing all along? Our world has just come completely undone.”

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