North of Normal: What to See, Do and Eat in Fargo

Carla Waldemar, a freelance journalist, came to visit Fargo, ND in Fall 2021 and the following story from AAA Living paints a picture of her favorite stops, activities, and of course, eats along the way.

Starting out the weekend with some shopping, Carla enjoyed shops like Daily’s Market, Stabo, O’Day Cache, Zandbroz, and of course, Insomnia Cookies. She goes on to write about the other great Downtown Fargo Shopping destinations.

From there, the Hjemkomst Center was high on her list to see the Stave church, Viking Ship exhibit, and other exhibits about the history of the area.

Bonanzaville and the Fargo Air Museum proved to be worth the trip outside of Downtown Fargo & Moorhead with many historical exhibits to enjoy.

Lastly, the article talks about Carla’s recommended places to eat and drink. While the new Prairie Kitchen was the winner in her eyes, she also visited Luna, Nichole’s, Teddy’s, and more.