Fall road trip: Take a mini-vacation (Star Tribune)

Downtown Fargo was highlighted in the Star Tribune’s article about the top three places for a road trip this fall. Alongside Red Wing, MN, and Galena, IA, Fargo is highlighted as an architectural city with highlights such as Plains Art Museum, The Fargo Theatre, and Block 9 (Broadway Square).

The author, Rick Nelson claims that the “Architecturally, downtown boasts an energetic mix of vintage and brand-new.” which we couldn’t agree with more.

Besides the historical aspects of Downtown Fargo, Nelson was sure to mention all of the wonderful food you can find. BernBaum’s Jewish Deli and Mezzaluna’s supper club aesthetic made the list as well as Beer and Fish’s oyster bar. They were also sure to mention the food truck scene as well as dessert at Silver Lining Creamery.

They would be remiss if there was not a mention of Fargo’s craft beer and coffee scene. The article touches on DCR Brewing as well as Fargo’s first brewery, Fargo Brewing Company as well as the first urban cidery in North Dakota, Wild Terra. The coffee was also mentioned with local favorite Young Blood Coffee as well as the twin cities-based restaurant, Black Coffee and Waffles.

Next up, Nelson dives into the amazing shopping opportunity in Downtown Fargo, local stores like Zandbroz, Mint & Basil, and Vinyl Giant Records were all highlighted.

Finally, Nelson touches on the fact that Downtown Fargo is laid out to be completely walkable (in fact, it has a great walkability score!)

Rick Nelson and the Star Tribune highlighted a lot of the great things about Downtown Fargo and what makes it one of the best choices for a getaway this fall. Read the full story below.