10 fun things to do in Fargo, ND (Des Moines Parent)

Erin and her family came to visit Fargo in the Fall of 2021 and chose to camp and visit many of the family-friendly sites around Fargo-Moorhead.

Their top 10 things to do for their family in Fargo included:

Downtown Fargo

The visit included stops like Black Coffee & Waffles, the Red River Market, and Broadway Square as well as a quick stop into Insomnia Cookies.

Fargo Air Museum

At the Air Museum, they saw the huge planes, learned the stories behind them, and even did the VR simulated flight.

Fargo Murals

Checking out the murals in Downtown Fargo is a must for any visitor, but especially for families.

Junkyard Brewing & Sol Ave.

These kid-friendly stops are perfect for the parents to try some local brews while everyone enjoys Sol Ave‘s dishes.

Space Aliens

Another must-stop for families, Space Aliens has arcade games as well as great food and a full bar.

Fargo Parks

The family was able to attend Fargo Park District‘s Fall in Fargo event at Rheault Farm which is a perfect family event for the season.

Red River Zoo

Taking in the zoo in 2-3 hours is a perfect afternoon activity. Their favorite was the wolves.

Roger Maris Museum

Even though Erin and her family weren’t able to check out this stop, it’s a great choice for baseball fans.

Sandy’s Donuts

Kids (and parents) will LOVE Sandy’s Donuts‘ over-the-top donuts and flavors.

Thunder Road

Last but not least, Thunder Road has mini-putt, laser tag, bumper cars, and full arcade, and more!

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