Upper Unit-Hawthorne Area – Airbnb

The unit is located within a duplex with an UPPER & LOWER unit. Both units are exclusive short-term rentals. Unit #2 is the upper unit. The property is 124 yrs strong, newly remodeled from ceiling to floor. Located in the historic Hawthorne area, 15 min walk/4 min drive to downtown Fargo. Quick access to Hwy-94 & I-29 for easy commute. Great space for business, solo and/or group traveler(s). Each unit has a 1 garage/1 driveway parking space available for use otherwise, free on-street parking. The space I travel often myself and have tried to incorporate things that have helped me along in my travels. There are board games and a free library set up in each unit. Brochures & pamphlets highlighting some of Fargo's best features. Both units are exclusive Short-Term Rentals, so your neighbor is a fellow traveler. The property was originally built in 1898, which makes it 124 years strong! Later converted into two separate apartments. The property is located in the beautiful historic Hawthorne neighborhood mixed with single family homes, multi-family properties and small local businesses. It's a great neighborhood to walk around in and get a sense of the Fargo community. Guest access There is a shared laundry room in the basement of the duplex. * Lower Unit #1 can access via kitchen door. * Upper Unit #2 can access via back entrance around the rear of the duplex. There are shared unlocked garage & driveway spaces located in the rear of the duplex off University Drive S. Each unit will have 1 garage space & 1 driveway space available to use and is marked accordingly. There is also street parking available surrounding the duplex. Please DO NOT park in the next-door neighbor’s driveway located on 2nd Ave S. Other things to note This property was built in 1898 - that’s right she is 124 years strong! With that being said her plumbing is a bit sensitive so please treat her kindly and ONLY put liquids & toilet paper in her pipes. Please discard food, tampons, pads, flushable wipes and condoms in the trash bin provided. Water pressure might be limited during laundry cycles for BOTH units’ kitchen sinks & showers. Please be kind to yourself & other the unit and do your laundry in OFF-PEAK usage hours. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Free WiFi