6 Fargo-themed gifts you can buy at the Visitors Center

I know what you’re thinking, “Shopping at the Visitors Center? That doesn’t make much sense.” But after reading this post, we hope to change your mind about our gift shop and the great Fargo-themed gifts you can find here.

1. Downtown Fargo gift cards

Doing a gift exchange or Secret Santa, or simply don’t know what to get the people on your Christmas list? The Visitors Center is one of the only places where you can purchase a Downtown Fargo gift card. Pick one of these up, and the receiver can use it at any of these stores in Downtown Fargo.

You can purchase them in any dollar amount (just note, there’s a $4 processing fee).

Downtown Fargo gift card

2. Fargo themed t-shirts

Fargo is quirky and unexpected – we prefer the term “North of Normal”. One of our biggest sellers is our t-shirts that say just that. They come in v-neck, crew neck, AND tank top styles. They’re only $20.

3. Ornaments

A local artist hand-painted these glass ornaments, and man are they pretty. They also make a great additions to any Fargo-lover’s tree.


4. Woodchipper swag

For any Fargo movie lovers, these Woodchipper themed gifts will be on the top of their list!

Woodchipper coasters made by local artist, Hello Lucy.

These fun mugs are $12.

Woodchipper trapper hats are $20.

You’ll look just like Marge Gunderson!

5. Gifts for warmth

It gets pretty chilly in Fargo in the winter. These gifts will warm hearts and bodies (and are pretty cute!).

North of Normal stocking hat

Fargo crew neck sweatshirt

Fargo zip-up hoodie

6. Stocking stuffers

There are many affordable gifts that are perfect stocking stuffers:

Hand-knitted Koozies

Fargo magnets

These are our new favorite stocking stuffers… who doesn’t want a magnet that says “Fer Cute”?

Minnesota and North Dakota necklaces

These adorable necklaces are $15 and come in a North Dakota or Minnesota version.

Bonus reason!

The Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center also has an online store! Now you can send these gifts (with free shipping) all over the country.