Fargo, locally brewed: Kilstone Brewing Company


We all have that one place we love to go. The spot you can count on. The spot you love to introduce people to. The spot you love to grab a beer.

I stumbled on my spot when a friend told me to get in the car. That he had found something I was sure to love. But I had severe doubts as he drove up to a random parking lot surrounded by giant industrial garage doors. He convinced me to give it a chance, and I am so happy I listened to him.

Kilstone Brewing is a gem of a gem. The simple and welcoming atmosphere means you can sit down next to anyone, even the main brewer! When you go for a beer you end up staying for a conversation or two. Every person who walks in has a smile on their face and are ready to chat.

What should you try while you are there you might ask…everything. I love how many new beers are always on tap each time I show up. You are always in for a surprise, my favorite seasonal surprise just happens to be one of the best watermelon beers I have ever had! Kilstone is amazing at incorporating local ingredients. Try the beer with the maple syrup in it. Trust me. It’s liquid candy. Not a fan of that? Well, then we aren’t friends.

To be honest, my favorite thing about going to Kilstone is the people you see there. With the welcoming environment, young and old can get together and laugh the night away. For a small brewery, they pack the place and always have events!

I’ll see you at the bar.


The girl who loves a good beer.



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