Fargo, locally brewed: Drekker Brewing Company

Chill vibes, friendly staff, convenient location + delicious craft brews… what’s not to love?

Enter popular downtown destination: Drekker Brewing Company.

As you’d expect, they’ve got a stellar rotating selection of craft beers, including a lot of experimental brews. As a lover of hoppy brews, my personal favs are Azacca Attacka, Burn the Boats and Broken Rudder (featuring coffee from 20below!).

Besides the delicious beer and stellar space conveniently located in downtown Fargo, my favorite thing about Drekker is the commitment to holding events that better Fargo-Moorhead. From showcasing local art to hosting a potluck featuring sustainable food or welcoming a band of storytellers, you can always count on the Drekker team to strengthen and support our community.

Whether you’re new to the area, just passing through, or a longtime F-M resident, here are three fab community events I highly recommend, hosted at Drekker:

  • The UnPillage Project
    These guys are the first to admit that historically, Vikings don’t have the greatest reputation. Since they can’t alter the past, they’ve committed to helping in the present, to improve the future. Each month, proceeds from a percentage of beer sales (select nights) and
    Saturday tour donations are gifted to an area organization. Keep an eye on Facebook for details on future events + learn more about UnPillage mission.  

    Shameless self-promotion: my organization, Ugly Food of the North is the September UnPillage organization. Join us on THORSday (Thursday, Sept. 22) from 4 to 10 p.m.
  • The Tell (Fargo)
    The Tell is unscripted storytelling – no notes, no props, no kidding. The premise: each Tell event features a different theme. Got a story that relates to said theme? Cool. Throw your name in a hat. If your name is drawn, get up and tell your story. Pretty simple, right? No pressure to tell if that’s not your thing, just sit back – relax, and enjoy the brews AND the stories.

    Generally, Tell season runs through late fall to early spring. Get the latest info via The Tell (Fargo) Facebook page.
  • Drekker Late Night Craft Market
    From Fargo favorite craft store and creative nirvana (Unglued) comes a late night craft market featuring the coolest vendors and their crafty crafts in the taproom. In other words, get your Christmas shopping done while while enjoying the non-stressful environment and a delicious craft beer (or two)!

    Watch for this crafter’s dream three times a year: summer, fall and holiday.

Other honorable mentions: taproom trivia, live music and Viking Yoga by Crossfit Icehouse. Seriously,  folks — there’s always something going on at Drekker.

Stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest events via Facebook.

Gia Rassier
Brainstormer. Creative. Transformer. A Concordia graduate with degrees in art, communication and journalism, Gia provides expertise in content development. A storyteller at heart, she helps provide connections, solutions and positive changes for our Fargo-Moorhead community and beyond. When she’s not enjoying a craft beer, she enjoys a variety of community-related projects including co-founding Ugly Food of the North and Little Free Garden.