How to love Fargo winters – Guide to cold weather fun

We get it, it’s cold in Fargo, but come see for yourself that the cold doesn’t stop us! As it turns out, Fargo was recently voted the 5th happiest place in the nation. What about Moorhead, MN? They were voted to be the 4th happiest! We can’t leave out making Expedia’s list of the 17 most beautiful winter wonderlands,  Time to come see for yourself just what makes Fargo – Moorhead so darn happy, AND beautiful!

For the adventurer:


  • Explore the wintery trails in a new light by taking a fat tire bike; these are specialized mountain bikes build to accommodate the soft snow. Even though it may sound intimidating, this sport is attracting newbies all around the world because it’s as easy as riding a bike! Head to M.B. Johnson, Gooseberry, or Iwen Park for the best-groomed trails around. If you can’t bring your own bike, Paramount Sports offers fat bike rentals for $35/half day or $50/full day.


  • Bundle up the kids and get ready to giggle all the way down the sledding hill! Sledding is one of the biggest perks of getting piles of snow in Fargo, you get to race down the slopes and the walks aren’t too tough to get back up to the top! Head to Mickelson Park in Fargo for free sled rentals.


  • Take a relaxing walk through the snowy trails on snowshoes. This is an activity that all ages and agility levels can enjoy and a great way to get off the beaten trail and explore. There are two rental facilities in Fargo/Moorhead, Edgewood Golf Course, and M.B. Johnson Park which rent out snowshoes for a nominal fee.


For the Instagrammer:

  • Because of the wide-open prairies, the Red River Valley has the most beautiful frosty sunsets and sunrises. Get out on the backroads, head to one of our many parks or even go Downtown to capture your own version of the perfect sunset photo!


  • When the temperatures drop the lowest, the sundogs come out which is one of the most beautiful sights. Brave the cold during these below zero temperatures and get the best Instagram photo to make your friends jealous.


  • Take a selfie with our one-of-a-kind murals throughout Downtown Fargo and Moorhead or with the Iconic Fargo Theatre marquee. You can even use the warm and free Link FM bus to get around downtown.



For the sports lover:

  • The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area has 32 outdoor ice skating rinks just waiting for you to glide on. If you don’t have skates with you on this trip, hop on with your boots and play a fun game of broomball.


  • With Fargo being so close to Canada, we, of course, have our own curling club. The FM Curling club features world-class curling events including the USA Curling Nationals which brings people from all over the country to compete and watch this unique event. But, the FM Curling club also schedules “Learn to Curl Sessions” where you can get out there and throw the stone around.


  • Catch an exhilarating Fargo Force Game at the Scheels Arena. As part of the United States Hockey League, the Fargo Force has helped produce many professional players so this is a great way to see the up and comers in the hockey community.



  • Splash into the Hulbert Aquatic Center located in West Fargo which offers open swim many times a week and even offers inflatable swim events for the kids!


For the person who would just rather stay warm



Ask any Fargoan about the key to enjoying Fargo in the winter and they will say to dress for the cold, so, don’t be afraid to bundle up and really embrace your inner Eskimo! Also, keep in mind that although the winter may seem long, it will make your appreciation for warm spring days seem even better.

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