The 10 greatest photos with the #FargoWoodchipper this month

When you house an epic movie prop in your Visitors Center, it’s only natural that people want to take pictures with it. So we encourage them, with funny hats and stuff. But we also judge them, and show our adoration for the top shots here, every month.

Want to be included? Just tag your Instagram or Facebook photo with #FargoWoodchipper and you’re in the running. And if you manage to snag the top spot, we’ll send you a gift to commemorate your effort.

Below are this month’s greatest photos with the #FargoWoodchipper.

10. Starting out our top 10 – Gena in her pretty purple dress… with flannel to match the Fargo hat, don’t cha know.


9. I hope her travel companions didn’t actually end up in any Woodchippers.


8. Fattenin’ Frogs band-member came to see Fargo’s famous movie prop.


7. This guy was super pumped to get to see the Woodchipper.


6. He’s smiling pretty hard for someone who’s about to go into the Eager Beaver…


5. Their faces say it all…


4. Next family Christmas card?


3. Andi & Bo make a pretty sweet duo, thanks for the fun photo!


2. This group of troops knew how to make a fun photo. Thank you to our runner-ups for your service!


1. Who can deny that face?? The winner this month is Momo!

To enter next month, stop by the Visitors Center in Fargo, snap your best pic, and tag it with #FargoWoodchipper.