What’s new for Frostival 2017


In January 2016, the first-ever Frostival happened in Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo. The basic idea behind the event is to embrace winter and do fun things outside even though it might be cold and snowy. If you’re interested in learning more about how the event came to be, you can read more here. Anyway, people seemed like they really enjoyed Frostival in 2016, so we decided to do it again and make it an annual event. 

Frostival 2017 is going to be bigger and better (and probably colder) than the first year. This year’s event will feature many of the same events and activities as the first year, but here are a few new things to watch for. 

In 2016, the Opening Kickoff for Frostival was held in the US Bank Plaza in downtown Fargo. For 2017, the location for the Opening Kickoff and also Base Camp (new this year) will be located a few blocks north at 409 Broadway. You may know this location as the Broadway Theatre Garage or the old Schumacher Goodyear building.We’ll be using the building (a nice heated space!) and will also have a couple heated tents.  

If you think beach volleyball is exciting, you should try snow volleyball. It’s even more extreme. Snow volleyball is a new addition to the North of Normal Games portion of Frostival.  The volleyball tournament will be held at Fargo Billiards & Gastropub on Saturday. To register a team, click here

Base Camp is the main hangout on Saturday during Frostival. Located at 409 Broadway in downtown Fargo, this area will have a beer garden featuring local beer from Fargo, Drekker, Junkyard and Kilstone breweries. This will also be the site of the Battle of the Bags. There will also be live music later that evening at this location from The Cold Hard Cash Show – tickets are $10 at the gate.   

The END-NORSE (Extreme North Dakota North of Routine Snow Experience) is another new competition for Frostival 2017! It consists of a 5km run, along with a firewood toss and weighted sled pull. It’s part running event and part lumberjack competition…and the test of a true Northerner. Want to prove you belong in the North? Register here

In 2016, the kid-friendly area during Frostival was called Frostville. Because the names were so similar, it was a bit confusing to some so we decided to rename the area Kids Winter Boot Camp. For 2017, this part of Frostival will take place in West Fargo at the new Rustad Recreation Center and Rivers Bend park. At Kids Winter Boot Camp, there will be plenty of things to keep kids entertained including arts & crafts, indoor inflatables, sleigh rides, sledding and more. 

Along with the above additions for Frostival 2017, a few more new things include snow sculptures, snow luge, and snowshoe races. 

Now, mark your calendar for January 27-28, 2017 and start preparing for some winter shenanigans! 

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