The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm delivers for ALL ages

Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm

You know that twinkle in your eye you got as a kid when you saw something that made you really excited? Not to get too cliché, but that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling. That’s how I felt when I went exploring in the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm—and I think most would consider me a couple years past being a child. This museum could provide hours of entertainment…and not just entertainment, but education too. Each room has something different in store from physics to anatomy to music and much more.

Once inside the big red and white house, head upstairs and test the laws of physics by having some fun with the kinetic sculpture and the pulleys. Kids can make some music with the windpipes and the octaphone in the next room over—try them out and learn a little about how music is made. A piano and a few other instruments are also available in this room for kids to practice on.

Grab a hard hat and make your way through the construction zone to learn about different parts of the body and how they work. The brain, the heart, and the skeleton are all part of this exhibit.

When you make your way back downstairs, you may want to make a stop at Patty’s Book Nook before taking the stage at the Imagine That exhibit.

The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm also has some outdoor activities worth mentioning. A cute little red and white gazebo houses the carousel and not too far away, the Yunkie Express waits to take passengers for a spin around the train tracks. Then there’s the mini golf course and the A-Z Garden. As you walk through the ABC Garden, you’ll see a variety of plants and flowers from A-Z. Not only is the garden a sight to see, but it also gives kids and adults the opportunity to discover new plants.

Whether it’s a rainy day or a beautiful sunny day, the Children’s Museum will always bring out your inner child!

For a closer look at the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm, check out the video and pictures…or better yet, make a trip there!


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