Red pandas at Red River Zoo (VIDEO)

Though I’m not positive about smarter, they are definitely cuter than your average bear and they’re in a league all their own. I’m talking about the Red Pandas that can be seen at the Red River Zoo here in Fargo-Moorhead. Recently, triplet red pandas were born at the zoo (again) and I had the opportunity to get a look at them the other day–and I thought puppies and kittens were cute! Just look at these little guys….

The unique thing about red pandas is that they really make up their own scientific family and are also considered endangered because of poaching and loss of natural habitat. Several zoos across the world participate in striving to preserve and protect the population of the red panda; Red River Zoo is one of them. The zoo does not have enough space to be able to keep all the babies that were recently born, but they may be able to keep one. However, the adult red pandas currently on display are almost equally as cute as the young ones!


A little shy and sleepy-eyed

This Saturday, September 17th, just happens to be deemed International Red Panda Day and several zoos will have special activities. So if you have not seen the Chinese red pandas yet, this weekend would be a good time to visit the zoo in honor of Red Panda Day!  You can also keep up with the little pandas as they grow by visiting the Red Pandas at the Red River Zoo blog.


The Red River Zoo  will be open daily from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM through the month of September.
Members & Children under age 2: FREE
Children ages 2-14: $5
Adults: $8
Seniors (60+): $7

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