Kid activities to check out in Fargo-Moorhead

We are 7th graders at Liberty Middle School that had made this blog for a school project. The project is called Industry Project where an industry (the Visitor Center) gave us a problem and we had to try to help them solve it. We thought that this blog would draw more people to Fargo after seeing all the fun summer activities to do here. We all hope that you enjoy our blog.


What to do in the summer? Well everyone knows the pool is the best way to cool off. My favorite is the Davies Recreational Pool. It’s perfect for bringing friends there are so many activities I don’t know how anyone gets bored. They have this big slide that is nearly a straight drop. You can also use the climbing wall, the giant kiddie pool, and the playground; it’s great for when my little cousins come, they think it’s so cool. There is also this big BUCKET that tips water over every 10 minutes, it’s so fun.


Thunder road is by far my favorite part of Fargo, 20 bucks on a Friday night. With a couple of friends and a pizza you can race each other on go-karts and spinning each other out “accidentally.” You can also play laser tag or mini golf. There are a lot of holes and one of them has a volcano that they incorporated into the game. The laser tag arena is huge, the theme is an abandoned futuristic city. We played that a lot when we weren’t tall enough to drive the go-karts.

You have to be 36” to ride in a double kart and 55” to drive alone. For the double kart, you have to be 16 years old with a driver’s license to drive with someone. These aren’t the go-karts that don’t work or go fast.


NDSU Bison Football

When you get to the dome the atmosphere changes, in the dome it’s like a different world. Fans start cheering, the lights go out and everybody knows its football time. You can’t explain the feeling it’s like nothing else I’ve ever felt. And I don’t think there will be anything else like it. In Fargo, the Bison are our culture. If anyone says they are not good we just say, do you have 5 NCAA championships in a row? It gets so loud in there at times I regret not bringing earmuffs. Our mascot sometimes throws footballs and t-shirts in the crowd. Those are my happiest memories as a kid.

RedHawks Baseball

Baseball is a classic American sport. And the RedHawks are a classic American team. The perfect way to spend a summer night with a perfect sunset and the perfect temperature. Sometimes the team even comes over and visits with you. And the most fun of all is when their mascot Hawkeye picks a couple of kids with baseball gloves to play catch with him.

Fargo Force Hockey

As for hockey, Fargo has the Fargo force. The games are perfect when you bring friends. As a hockey player, it’s great to watch the puck movement and learn from them. And there are so many jokes exchanged. It’s my favorite way to spend a winter night. Then there’s that time when the team makes that perfect play that you saw to and the world goes in slow motion as you watch the puck slide past the goalie as they try to stretch across the net to keep their teams game alive. Then you hear the buzzer.

Sky Zone *

Sky zone, who doesn’t like a big trampoline park. Everybody likes trampolines. There are people there who love flying as much as you do. But sky zone made the tramps better. Dodgeball, freestyle, foam zone, Sky Slam, volleyball, and glow zone are just some of the things you can do while you’re there. Glow zone is cool its dark in the park. Music, lasers, lights, and black lights make the park a different place. Freestyle jump is just you, your tricks, and 50 trampolines to do it on. You don’t have to worry about messing up in foam zone there is a mountain of foam blocks to break your fall. This is where you practice for more advanced tricks. Ever wish you could be like air Jordan or your favorite basketball player? With the sky slam, you could even jump higher than that player. Dodgeball is exactly how it sounds. Dodgeball but now you can use flips to dodge balls. They have two courts so usually they have a competitive court and one for less competitive. But it still holds the record for most fun dodgeball games I’ve ever had. Perfect place to spend a Saturday with a couple of friends.

* Coupons can be found in the Visitors Guide for these attractions