A trail through Fargo’s breweries for Fargo Craft Beer Week

Fargo Craft Beer Week is happening for the first time EVER from June 11-16. Celebrate this momentous occasion by picking up a special beer passport.

For this week only you can:

  1. Pick up a passport from any of the local breweries or the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center,
  2. Follow the below route through Fargo’s 8 breweries (or make your own), collecting stamps along the way
  3. Return your stamped passport to the Visitors Center for a beer-themed prize

Our trail wraps through all 8 breweries, hitting up events, food trucks, and freebies while never losing sight of the main event: drinking local beer. Lots and lots of local beer.

Tuesday, June 12: Live music & tacos

Junkyard Brewing Company, just across the Red River separating Fargo from Moorhead, hosts live music every night.

Grab your passport stamp, settle in with tacos from Pico food truck and relax while The Cropdusters serenade anyone sitting on the large outdoor patio with their upright bass and guitar melodies.

Wednesday, June 13: Pub trivia time

A quick drive to Mapleton (just 10 minutes outside of West Fargo) brings you to Irish-themed Drumconrath Brewing Company.

On Wednesdays, Red River Trivia hosts three rounds to test your general knowledge. Get a team together and head out with your passports. A food truck can supply dinner before you see how much you know.

Thursday, June 14: Get crafty

Two breweries will hold craft-based events on the Thursday of Craft Beer Week.

At 5 p.m., start your evening at Drekker Brewing Company’s Late Night Summer Craft Market.

Pint in hand, you can create your own DIY wine cork garden marker plus other fun items and get the 5th stamp on your passport.

Then, head up the road to Fargo Brewing Company for their ‘make your own beer stein’ event, which begins at 6:30 p.m.

Plains Art Museum will join forces with Fargo Brewing and help you hand-build your very own beer stein. The class fee of $25 includes a complimentary glass of Fargo Brewing’s finest, so you can get a stamp in your passport and come away with a great project.

If you want to stay a bit longer, an open mic comedy night will start at 8 p.m.

Friday, June 15: Visit the final two

Fargo has so many breweries, it’s hard to fit them all into 6 days – but you’re almost there.

On Friday, hit up Prairie Brothers Brewing Company for a lunchtime IPA (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?).

Saturday, June 16: Under Brew Skies in Island Park

Cap off the week at the ultimate beer event, Under Brew Skies in the heart of Downtown Fargo.

If you didn’t get to try varieties of beer at the 8 brewery locations, you can take advantage of this tasting opportunity. 60 independent craft beer are yours for the sampling, along with food truck delicacies and hoards of live music.

You can find this beer fest in Island Park.

How to collect your Fargo Craft Beer Week prize

Take your stamped passport to the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center by the end of the day on June 16th to collect your beer-themed prize!

If you made it to all eight breweries, you’ll get some very cool Fargo beer swag. Visited four or more? You’ll still get a smaller (but still really cool) prize.

Whether or not craft beer is your thing, you can celebrate the local breweries that make Fargo a beer haven. You don’t have to drink beer to get your stamps, so just go to enjoy the atmosphere and support a local business.