It’s Fargo Marathon time!

The Fargo Marathon is one of the largest events in Fargo every year, bringing in an average of 22,000 people, both runners and non-runners.

It’s a great chance to see the city in all its glory, with bustling streets, new faces, and vibrant nightlife connected to the event.


Fargo’s courses are some of the flattest in the United States – one advantage of a prairie/flood plain location. Racing through a variety of neighborhoods, runners and watchers can experience over 58 live bands and DJ’s throughout the week.

Monday, May 14:

Cyclothon @ 6:00pm & 6:30pm

Kicking off Marathon Week is the Cyclothon – a great event for non-runners. The cyclists will take their two wheels out for either a 15-mile or 26.2-mile race in a loop throughout North Fargo, Harwood, and Moorhead.

To watch this event: Staking out Buffalo Wild Wings might be the best way to check out the bikers, as the race starts and finishes at the North Fargo BWW and they will also host an after party there once the races are over!

Tuesday, May 15:

Furgo Dog Run @ 6:30pm

Arguably the cutest run during the week is the Furgo Dog Run! Participants will take on the 1.5-mile course with their pups in tow (or probably leading the way). Woof da!

To watch this event: The pups will be heading through the NDSU campus during this run, so find a seat on campus and watch the mayhem from there.

Wednesday, May 16:

The Great American Mile @ 7:00pm

Free beer for a year?! This race is no joke! Runners will just need to cross the finish line to be entered to win free beer for a year from DS Beverages and Budweiser Beer. The race will start and end at the Sidestreet Grille & Pub and the 1st place male and female will win $500.

To watch this event: Sidestreet is the obvious choice for this one, you can also watch them as they run down Broadway.

Thursday, May 17:

Youth Run @ 6:30pm & 7pm

Calling all children 12 and under! Running either the 1/2 mile or 1-mile race alongside TNT Fitness, these kids will have so much fun being a part of the Fargo Marathon.

To watch this event: The youth run will take place around the FARGODOME in a secured, fenced-in area. So, parents and other interested parties can watch the kiddos anywhere along this course.

Friday, May 18:

Rock the 5K @ 6:30pm

The 5K is the largest event of the week because it’s a race for all abilities! So if you’re one of the few that won’t be involved in the race, make sure to be around to watch it.

To watch this event: Bystanders are welcome to watch the 5K along any part of the course, but with Redline playing at the finish line, I would suggest heading to the FARGODOME!

Saturday, May 19:

2 & 4 Person Relays @ 7:00am

Runners will complete the Fargo Marathon with a pal by dividing the 26.2 miles into either 2 or 4 person relays! With shuttles running throughout the race to pick up at each exchange station, it will be the most fun way to complete the full marathon (at least in our opinion)!

To watch this event: Relay participants will run along the marathon route, so you can watch this race anywhere along that course. But, if you want to watch the hand-off between runners, head to one of these exchange stations:  El Zagal Shrine, Concordia College, and Nativity Catholic Church.

10K @ 7:30am

With the route weaving throughout the beautiful North Fargo neighborhoods, the 10K is a great way to run more than a 3.1 miles but less than 26.2!

To watch this event: I would suggest heading to one of the North Fargo neighborhoods to watch the 10K, especially along 32nd Ave, as the runners will be between miles 2 & 3 so they should still be in high spirits.

Half Marathon @ 7:15am

This has become known as one of the fastest half marathons in the region because of the flat terrain in Fargo-Moorhead. Of course, there will be at least one band per mile of the race and the course will now go along the Red River on their way to the finish line.

To watch this event: Of course, the favorite place to watch any of the marathon events would be along Broadway right in the middle of the fun, but we would suggest checking out Mickelson Field for a fun spot to set out a picnic blanket and take in the race.

Marathon @ 7:00am 

The big shebang! With the flat terrain and the energetic bands throughout the entire race, the Fargo Marathon transcends all others! Runners have come to expect the most entertaining 26.2 miles in the area and this year is no different.

To watch this event: Both Concordia College and Minnesota State University Moorhead will have watch areas set up throughout the race. You can also watch the racers run straight through Lindenwood Park and across the river.


There will be parking at the FARGODOME throughout the entire week of events.


If you don’t want to deal with the traffic up by the FARGODOME, shuttles will be running on Saturday from 5am-7am and back to the designated locations from 11am-3pm.

Shuttle Locations:
  • West Acres Shopping Center: 3902 13th Ave S, Fargo
  • Radisson Hotel: 201 5th St N, Fargo
  • Cash Wise Foods: 1401 33rd St S, Fargo
  • Sanford Southpointe Clinic: 2400 32nd Ave S, Fargo
  • Scheels Arena: 5225 31st Ave S, Fargo
  • Moorhead Courtyard by Marriott: 1080 28th Ave S, Moorhead

Here’s a map of all of the shuttle locations along with a time schedule.

Fun facts

The Fargo Marathon is sanctioned by USA Track and Field which makes it a Boston Marathon qualifier! Since the course here is extremely flat and fast, it’s been preferred by runners as one of the best courses to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Another original fact about the Fargo Marathon is that even though runners will start and end in North Dakota at the FARGODOME, the Marathon participants will also run into Moorhead; that means that they will be running in both North Dakota AND Minnesota!

Last but not least, the true athletes participating in this years’ festivities can participate in the Go Far Challenge! This means that they will run/walk the 5K on Friday evening AND run in the 10K, half, or full marathon on Saturday.

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