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YATRA, Gorgatron & Gypsy Wizard Queen

-YATRA is a brutally heavy death metal trio from Maryland, USA, consisting of Dana Helmuth on Guitar and Vocals, Maria Geisbert on Bass, and Sean Lafferty on Drums. Since its origin in 2018, YATRA has released three full-length albums with much critical acclaim, including the 2019 Death Ritual, 2020 Blood Of The Night, and 2020 All Is Lost. YATRA has toured the US and Europe relentlessly.
-GORGATRON Death Metal from Fargo, North Dakota; since ‘06, Gorgatron’s sound has been based on a “love of the riff” approach to writing and rooted in the old-school stylings of Death Metal and Thrash.
-GYPSY WIZARD QUEEN Crushing Doom Metal from Fargo, ND, is featuring members of EYGPT and DEMIFIEND.