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Wild Terra Pool Party With Hiahli

Pre Fourth Of July Party with Hiahli 🙂

Join us downtown for Fargo’s First-Ever Pool Party! That is right! We will have two 18′ pools and a bar down the middle so you can listen to free music, chill in the water and have a cold beverage in your hand.

The event is free, but the tickets are required for the pool. There will be reservable times for each hour of chilling in the pool per person. Your lifeguard will also be your bartender, so tip nicely.

Cider, Beer, Wine, Slushies, and Sake shots will be served on a special release day!

5 – 7 pm: Cold Sweat (DJ set)
7 – 9 pm: Hiahli

Gingersnap Bake Shop
Big Papa’s BBQ
Livin’ the Dream Pottery
Alikat Studios
Lost in Fargo