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Virtual Workshop: Mushroom Foraging with Nature of the North

Mushroom season is right around the corner. We’re hosting a virtual workshop so you can get outside and start foraging!

About this Event

Every year around this time, we host a Mushroom Foraging Workshop!! We aren’t able to do it in person this time, but mushroom season is right around the corner regardless of COVID-19, so we’re hosting a virtual workshop so you can get outside and start foraging!

Heading this event are Lorena Rangel of Moorhead and Ashley Hawkins of California! Both have higher education in botany, worked extensively in plant pathology and are huge mushroom enthusiasts.

With decades of experience under their belts, they will:

  • EQUIP YOU with the knowledge to find & identify certain mushrooms
  • SHARE fungal facts and their role in the environment
  • GO OVER legalities & risks
  • TEACH proper cooking techniques
  • GIVE YOU resources to continue learning
  • PREPARE YOU for your own foraging adventure!

This workshop is a favorite of ours for many reasons! As always, we love when people get outside. Foraging helps you to immerse yourself in nature, familiarize yourself with the land, and become more aware of your surroundings.

We believe this is an extremely important skill to have on multiple levels. Whether disaster strikes, you want to save some money on food, you’re craving some fresh air & exercise, or want to start a new family hobby, foraging can benefit everyone!


  1. Make your Donation: Help us pay all the awesome people that made this workshop happen! Pay what you can (no minimum). This donation will allow you to access the workshop.
  2. Receive the Zoom link via Email
  3. Click on link starting at 6:15PM on April 27th and get ready to learn the ins and outs of foraging! The extra time will ensure you have all the proper downloads and settings in place so you’re able to hear and see us.