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Viking Yoga

It’s yoga, but you know, fun. Loud music, probably some swearing, a killer yoga sesh, and beer.
Here at Drekker we’re not exactly known for being quiet, calm or collected. But we embrace it and now we’ve teamed up with another motley crew at Shoe Fly Yoga Fitness Adventure to present something completely wild, weird and crazy fun. It’s yoga and beer in a totally new way— VIKING YOGA!!!!! Start off your Saturday morning with some Hair of the Downward-Facing Dog and channel the power of Thor with a hammer swinging warrior pose.
+++What is this Viking Yoga?:It’s about loud music and high-fives. Yelling and cheering. Getting your sweat on and channeling some Valhalla rage. There are no rules or expectations in Viking Yoga. Most importantly, it’s about celebrating your viking prowess and sharing a pint of beer.If you’re a veteran yogi, this’ll be a killer new twist. If you’ve never yoga-ed before, this is a perfect way to start. All levels of yoganess are welcome, regardless of experience. Just bring your own mat and an open mind.
+++Wheres about?: Viking Yoga takes place in the new Drekker Brewing Taproom in Fargo (1666 1st Ave N).
+++Whens about?: August 21st, and then a least one other Saturday every month! Check In starts at 9:30 AM and then we’ll be popping warrior poses at 10:00 AM.
+++How much monies?: Viking Yoga is $15 here on Eventbrite and gets you a superhero-level workout plus a beer of your choosing. Forget about Namasté-ing your way into Nirvana, we’re gonna bust through the doors of Vahalla by sweating, swearing, cheering, high-fiving, and rocking an awesome workout. Skål!