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The Art of Relaxation: A Guided Body Scan for Stress Reduction with Nate Hanson

The Art of Relaxation is an education based approach to physical wellness, which empowers individuals with the tools needed to experience rest and rejuvenation in their everyday lives.

When we explore the felt sense of our bodies, in a comfortable and supportive space, we can begin to see how healing and relaxation are possible in almost any situation.

The Art of Relaxation synthesizes the modern understanding of the body with alternative healing practices, creating a relatable and effective approach to physical wellness.

Relaxation techniques can have a positive effect on many areas of health;
Digestion, Fatigue, Muscle Tension, Blood Pressure, and Breathing. As well as improved coordination, injury prevention and an overall sense of wellbeing.

In light of the current social and financial climate, I will be expanding my practice from a touch based approach, to verbal relaxation guidance on a sliding scale basis.

Suggested donation is $5
Class size is limited. Please contact fargospiritroom@gmail.com to register.
For more information visit: theartofrelaxation.info