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Tanner Usrey

Hailing from Prosper, TX, Tanner Usrey is an Emerging singer/songwriter with vocal styling all his own. Since beginning his career, Tanner has developed into a soulful American rock artist that heart-wrenching lyrics and soul-touching vocals provide the cherry on top of his unforgettable melodies and hard-hitting sound.

Drawing inspiration from the rigors of touring life, Tanner’s most recent single, “Pick Up Your Phone,” is a reflective ballad about disconnection and balancing the give-and-take that comes with all relationships. His last single, “Take Me Home, invokes committed love as Usrey deftly blends Americana and heartland rock influences with his distinctive, soul-tinged vocals.

As Tanner continues to grow, that momentum landed his single “The Light” on the Season 4 finale of Paramount Networks’ hit TV show, Yellowstone.

His EP SOL Sessions (2021) features five songs that showcase Tanners’ writing talents. His diverse artistry is juxtaposed with energetic songs like “Time Bomb” and softer, more intimate melodies, as heard in “With You.” Tanner weaves together heartfelt lyrics that tell stories people will quickly connect with and think about long after the song stops playing.

Tanner Usrey’s soulful southern style and dedication to his craft create a space where audiences can’t help but listen.