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Suffering Hour, Cyclic Reckoning, Nothingness & Maul

Art Riot Presents:

Suffering Hour emerged fully formed upon its first release. This is likely because all three members had been playing together for the better part of a decade, having risen from the ashes of a different band entirely, the progressive thrash act Compassion Dies. The rapport established during their formative years comes through strongly in their music. The band’s 2017 album In Passing Ascension turned heads because it’s a confident offering of blackened death metal with an uncommonly unique voice, showcasing uncompromising heaviness with bold unpredictable melodies that are altogether rare in blackened death. 2019 saw the release of a single-track EP, Dwell, a record that showcased the band’s strength at potent, long-form song structures with no filler. This year sees the band maintaining their steady clip with the release of The Cyclic Reckoning, a long player that is very much grounded in what they do well while simultaneously spewing forth new methods of a vicious attack. – invisible oranges

Nothingness- from the Minneapolis area, these dudes will make you nervous that their sounds will make your head explode. A deep, deep brutal groove offsets crushing riffs. Nothingness rules

Aberration- Features members of Suffering Hour, Void Rot, and Nothingness. Minneapolis-based band Aberration combines death, doom, black metal, and tenebrous ambient/drone to create an imposing aural hellscape of complete light-devouring terror.
Featuring local acts –

Maul – Currently working on burning their name into the Midwest, Fargos Maul has become one of the region’s most intimidating and inspiring acts. Stemming from their seethingly intense and violent live shows and the Crushing filthy midwestern death, Maul is neat.
Thrallfrost – Thrållfrost was formed in the fall of 2015, and with its unique blend of darkness and technicality, they have ravaged the frozen wastes of the Midwestern United States. Music is their vehicle; they speak of paganism, philosophy, and peace in death.
$30 VIP