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Tommie Sunshine & Woody McBride

“We understand music at every level – composing, producing and engineering. Drawing on this diverse musical experience, every audio product we create originates from the desire to enhance the symbiotic connection between the audience and the music – that’s what we’re here for.
Many high-end manufacturers can produce products that create a great sound; we go beyond that, using our intimate connection with music to touch your soul.”
Rog Mogale, Creative Director
Tastemaker to tastemakers, curator, and shapeshifter, Tommie Sunshine is renowned for his reputation of being consistently ahead of the curve bridging the worlds of Rave, Disco, House, and EDM while still standing firmly in the zeitgeist. Establishing his name throughout the American Rave scene during the ’90s, he became one of the most recognizable figures of the Electroclash movement during the early 2000s and helped set the stage for the EDM boom of the 2010s. 29 years as a DJ and 35 years as a clubber gives Sunshine his unique perspective on the business & informs his present Rave Revival sound.
Woody McBride is known to be a man of all hats in the electronic music business- musician, dj, live performer, event promoter, live audio engineer and large sound system visionary, graphic artist, music journalist, label owner, artist coach, soundtrack producer, educator, spiritual guide, sobriety and wellness advocate and ambassador for electronic music to all audiences. Since 1990, his signature deeper than deep 909 kick drum, a base chakra synth funk and a thick mysterious 303 acid sound is what has put ESP in a hard-to-label league of legendary and pioneering producers. His art now shines the brightest today.
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