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Strung Out and The Casualties with Venomous Pinks

Doors: 7:00 pm
Audience: Ages 21+
Seating: General Admission


Strung Out’s latest album, “Dead Rebellion,” marks a deliberate departure from their previous sound, embodying a shift towards a more melodic and mid-tempo approach. Despite retaining their signature punch, the focus on melody over riffs is evident throughout the 12 tracks. From the frenzied energy of “Future Ghosts” to the introspective anthem “Empire Down,” the album reflects on societal divides and personal struggles, echoing themes of unity amidst fragmentation.

Frontman Jason Cruz’s introspective lyrics navigate themes of spirituality, societal disillusionment, and the search for common ground in an increasingly divided world. While acknowledging the impossibility of complete unity, Cruz sees the album as a declaration of staying true to oneself and striving for connection, even amidst discord. Produced by Shawn McGee, “Dead Rebellion” encapsulates Strung Out’s enduring commitment to their core principles while addressing the tumultuous political climate with a blend of introspection and defiance.