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StartupBREW Fargo

Welcome to #StartupBREW!
This week we’ll be joined by Jeff Raymond, of Eden Grow Systems, and Patrick Revier with Revier Family Farms!
Jeff Raymond, CTO/COO, was named one of Motherboard Magazine’s Humans of the Year for his work on the
Genesis bioregenerative food and energy production system. At Eden, they want to put technology to work for everyone, to equip families, communities, churches, retirement centers, hotels, restaurants, and small growers to do more with less effort. Harnessing the power of aeroponics and automation will increase food production while making it easy to do in any indoor space.
Patrick Revier is a fourth generation Minnesota farmer. Pat grew up on a dairy farm in northwestern Minnesota. When he wanted to get back into farming, Pat stumbled into the wonderful world of edible insects and never looked back. He loves the farm life, working with animals and spending every day with his family. Revier Family Farms is owned and operated by Patrick and Madeline Revier. Located in Moorhead, MN, our mission is to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, nutritious protein sources for people and pets.
☕️ Coffee Kicks off at 8:00am
🎤 Program Starts at 8:30am
Look forward to seeing you there. 🎉
Event Details
This StartupBREW Fargo event will be held on February 9th beginning at 8:30 am.
The event will be at Fargo Brewing Company. Enter through the main taproom entrance – we will have signage out front to help guide you!
Join us for Coffee Club beforehand beginning at 8:00 am for coffee, conversation, and connection!
Mask Policy
Since we are at an indoor venue, we are strongly encouraging attendees to wear masks in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state.
StartupBREW believes that entrepreneurship is energized over brews, whether it’s coffee, tea, or beer. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators together – because we believe they succeed when they have access to each other and the community that supports them.