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StartupBREW Fargo

Welcome to #StartupBREW!
This week we’ll be at the BRAND NEW Prairie Den joined by Christ Hawley, of Craftwell, and Mike Allmendinger with Kilbourne Group!
Chris Hawley is the founder of Craftwell Architecture + Construction. Craftwell was founded in 2011 based off the principles of passion for design, architecture as storytelling, it’s all about the details, and North Dakota design excellence. They use their unique skills to begin architecture as storytelling. It is one of many factors that helped Craftwell receive multiple design awards year after year.
Mike Allmendinger is the President of the Kilbourne Group. Founded in 2006, Kilbourne Group has a deep passion for urban spaces, with proven expertise in urban development, fund management, real estate, construction management, and property management, they are guided by the knowledge that vibrant downtowns create smart, healthy cities. The team has focused on historical redevelopment and mixed-use infill projects in downtown Fargo, aiming to create a vibrant 18-hour city that offers unique experiences and places designed for people.
☕️ Coffee Kicks off at 8:00am
🎤 Program Starts at 8:30am
Look forward to seeing you there. 🎉
Event Details
This StartupBREW Fargo event will be held on March 9th beginning at 8:30 am.
The event will be at the brand new Prairie Den, 118 Broadway on the skyway level of the Black Building.
Join us for Coffee Club beforehand beginning at 8:00 am for coffee, conversation, and connection!
Mask Policy
Since we are at an indoor venue, we are strongly encouraging attendees to wear masks in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state.
StartupBREW believes that entrepreneurship is energized over brews, whether it’s coffee, tea, or beer. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators together – because we believe they succeed when they have access to each other and the community that supports them.