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StartupBREW Fargo: Arise Communities & Pursuit of Innovation

Welcome to our first ever StartupBREW Fargo event!
This week we will be joined by Kirsten Henagin and Theresa Garrett, co-founders of Arise Communities; and Nancy Mwirotsi, founder of Pursuit of Innovation.
Arise Communities believes in inclusive technology education with a goal to create a more equitable and diverse technology industry in the Midwest. Through judgement-free, inclusive learning communities, Arise Communities helps women and marginalized groups explore technology in new and meaningful ways.
Pursuit of Innovation seeks to expose a diverse group of students to STEM education and skills to help balance what they see as inequity in their representation in STEM fields.
See you soon at #StartupBREW!
Event Details
This StartupBREW Fargo event will be held on April 28th beginning at 8:30 am at the Island Park Stairs.
Join us for Coffee Club beforehand beginning at 8:00 am for coffee, conversation, and connection.
StartupBREW believes that entrepreneurship is energized over brews, whether it’s coffee, tea, or beer. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators together – because we believe they succeed when they have access to each other and the community that supports them.