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Scotland Forever

From a modest shirt to a full-on tartan kilt, wear your plaid with pride and prepare for a musical feast full of Scottish surprises! Watch for more information about a “Wee Dram Scotch-Tasting Pre-Party” and more. Slàinte mhath!

Audiences will be treated to captivating excerpts from the beloved score of “Braveheart” by the renowned composer James Horner. The music’s sweeping melodies and epic grandeur will transport you to the rugged Scottish Highlands.

James Macmillan’s “Larghetto for Orchestra” will provide a contemplative contrast, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of emotion. This expressive piece captures the essence of Scotland’s serene beauty and introspective spirit, creating moments of profound reflection.

“An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise” by Peter Maxwell Davies will infuse the concert with a joyful and celebratory atmosphere. This piece paints a vivid musical portrait of a traditional Orkney wedding, complete with dancing and celebration, as the sun rises over the horizon.

The program will culminate in the brilliant “Gaelic Symphony” by the pioneering American composer Amy Beach. This symphony holds a special place in music history as it was the first symphony composed by an American woman to be published and performed by a major orchestra. This symphony reflects Beach’s fascination with Gaelic culture and her ability to weave Celtic influences into a symphonic masterpiece.

Scotland Forever invites music enthusiasts, history buffs, and all who appreciate Scotland’s magic to come together to celebrate its rich musical legacy.