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Rebel Queens

Amid an era claiming rock is dead comes a band of women that will make you remember the best of rock ‘n’ roll! Based in Minneapolis, Rebel Queens is the 70s-80s influenced rock band that combines the gritty soul of Led Zeppelin with the rebel spirit of Joan Jett and the electric energy of hair metal. The band was established by Tiffany Xtine (lead vocals) in 2011 after being intensely inspired by the 70’s all-female band, The Runaways. Their raw power pours into each song with soaring vocals, wailing guitar solos, and a rhythm section that keeps you shakin’ all night.

The Queens have played over 400 shows and events throughout the past decade. Some extra-memorable icons included Ace Frehley, Nita Strauss, and En Vogue. Rebel Queens promises rock music will continue to thrive with the bands and fans that carry it forward. The band has made it their mission to pay homage to those that came before and inspire the next generation of Rock Gods & Goddesses. The current lineup features Tiffany Xtine (lead vocals), Danielle Pearson (drums/vocals), Katie Wyrd (guitar/vocals), Jocie Christine (Lead Guitar), and Lou (bass guitar).