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Outside DOGA

DOGA is back – outdoors & social distancing style!
– Tickets are $10 per human, all funds go to Inspire Health & Wellness Spa!


– Humans outside of the same household must stay 10 FEET away from other humans, to maintain social distancing.

– We will reschedule if it rains.

• Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages are welcome. 🐾
• We meet in the BIG dog section, regardless of your dog’s size. – If your pooch dislikes smaller dogs, these events may not be for you. All sizes of dogs attend these events & play together. ☀️
• All dogs MUST be up to date on required vaccines. 💉
• All dogs must be on medication to prevent fleas, ticks, worms, etc. 🕷
• We highly recommend NO toys or treats. I know this makes me sound like the “fun police” but some doggies have food allergies, food aggression, or possessive personality traits when food/toys are present. 🎾
* This does not mean treats/toys won’t be present, it’s a public park! *
• Sometimes there are children at the dog park. Please remember this is a public space, if your pooch dislikes children, these events might not be for you.
• You don’t have to have a dog to come to the meet ups. These events allow humans to make new friends as well! 🎉
• Humans – please stay 10 feet away from humans that are not in your household (social distancing)
• Feel free to wear a mask if you want! If you are feeling sick or you’ve come in physical contact with someone who is sick, please stay home.