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Men’s Purpose: Evolving the Male Spirit”

Please join us at the Spirit Room for Men’s Purpose: Evolving the Male Spirit, an all-male support group, led by Domonic Vasquez in Gallery I.

Imagine a group of men. A group of human beings, where everyone listens to what you say and willing
to hear the truth beneath your words. Everyone is here to accept your voice, your emotions, your energy. Where everyone is committed on listening the very best of you, even if you can’t hear it

A strong brotherhood is developed. Any ‘regular guy’ can enter this space and feel empowered to share the unabashed truth about his life. There is no show to be put on here for others. There is no setting ourselves up in opposition to each other or any perceived ‘other’ in the world. This space is not for seeking salvation. We are here to cut through the bullshit. We are coming together to accept and work through the fears of showing authenticity, vulnerability, perceived weaknesses in our everyday lives. We are here to discover our own definition of masculinity and how to be strong and sensitive men at the same time. Let’s explore our purpose as men.

Donations accepted, but never expected.