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Layering for Cold Weather – Clothing and Cocktails

Join us at Nature of the North on October 20th at 6:30PM to master the art of layering to keep comfy all winter!

Let’s get down to the facts… We live in a city that is cold most of the year. Many would say it’s unbearable, most would say it sucks, but all of us at Nature of the. North… We say it’s freaking AWESOME!

We don’t exist to just have fun for 3 months over the summer and then disappear into hibernation for the remaining 9. That would be stupid. No offense. But we’re not bears, and if we’re going to be part of the Fargo-Moorhead community, then we’re going to kick ass year ’round.

Once you decide that the temperature doesn’t determine your level of fun… We promise you’ll definitely have a much better winter, and as a result, a better life.


–> Grab your tickets and let’s start with the basics. Learning how to dress for the cold weather is a GAME CHANGER. There is literally a SCIENCE behind it and a reason that we preach the layering system!

This Workshop Includes:

  • General Layering Knowledge
  • An In-Depth Look at the Three Main Layers , including Fabrics & Materials
  • Dos & Donts of Dressing for Cold Weather
  • A Personalized Road Map for Specific Layering Need
  • A FREE One-on-One Layering Consultation to get you Prepped for Winter Using What You Already Have in Your Closet
  • A FREE Cocktail Kit

++ Plus, we have lots of tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to help you stay warm!!


Andrea Anderson will be joining some of our workshops going forward as we incorporate the themes into a fun cocktail lesson for our “Camp Cocktail Mini Series.”

This series is aimed at teaching us all how to drink delicious beverages, even while we’re out in the middle of the woods with limited ingredients and resources camping or backpacking.

–> Get ready to learn all about layering flavors into one REALLY RAD cocktail that you can take with you on your next adventure!