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Jade Presents: Go Ahead And Die

Unhealthy Mechanisms is the caustic sophomore album from Arizona death-crusters go ahead and die. A torrential whirlwind born from the livid minds of igor amadeus cavalera (healing magic) and max cavalera (soulfly, cavalera conspiracy). This new installment to the band’s dystopian catalog is a fresh dive into the madness of society and the pollution that ravages our minds. From the first note there is a sense of unhinged insanity; a grim rhythm that takes listeners down sinister alleyways and across ravaged soundscapes.

Igor and max supply crunching, frenetic guitar riffs and ear-splitting dive bombs in the no-holds-barred “f*** you” fashion of the cavalera family. Igor states, “I played my guitar directly in front of the amp with the gain turned high, trying to get feedback everywhere I could. I really wanted it to feel like a live recording, so I played like I would in a crowded bar room, loud and in your face. ” the high-energy presence is palpable as both father and son rip through riffs like a brick through a window.