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Herrentag – Men’s Day 2023

When living in Germany, I experienced a holiday that I hadn’t ever experienced before. Depending on the region, it can be Maennertag, Vatertag, or the one I know it as, Herrentag. Put, Men’s Day.

I’ve hosted Men’s day parties in the past full of the standard alcohol and food excesses, which I considered doing again this year. As I continued to think about it, the more that the tradition, while sounding fun, did not align with me and my vision for what I will bring into the world.

Instead, I am hosting this as a day-long retreat on May 18th for Men to celebrate themselves and their brothers in a truly unique space. You can look forward to an experience that will leave you feeling recharged going into the summer months with a new-found appreciation for yourself. We will combine personal and partner practices to build ourselves up, have time for play, and finish the day cooking a nourishing meal around a fire.

I am beyond excited about this opportunity, and I am excited to see you there!