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Group Rides & Events

Group Rides & Events

We are all looking forward to some sense of normalcy in our lives and we believe that getting back to Great Rides Bicycle Club rides is a part of that process. We also all hold a sense of responsibility to the well-being of our community as a whole. With these factors at the forefront of our thinking, we have developed the following strategy:

The Plan:

The following rides will restart the week of May 17th. See full ride details further below.

  • Monday Bikes 101
  • Tuesday Fitness Ride
  • Thursday Road Ride
  • Thursday WOW Road Ride
  • Thursday Mountain Bike Ride

The Process:

*If you’re sick, stay home!*

The big red button just below contains a copy of the 2021 Waiver, please print it and sign it BEFORE you come for your first ride. As in years past, all riders will need to sign the annual waiver before their first ride. Local guidance is that all participants should preregister for sporting events and check-in should be contactless. PRINT AND SIGN YOUR WAIVER IN ADVANCE and bring completed waiver to your first group ride.

Ride Check-in will be performed outside; on your first ride of the season, you can drop off your signed waiver and we’ll process it and update your card. Subsequent rides will ask you to swipe your card at our outdoor, check-in kiosk. If you do not have your card from previous years, let us know when you drop off your waiver. We’ll make you a new one for subsequent ride check-in.

Please follow these further guidelines while attending our rides:

  • Socially distance while assembling before the ride
  • Please do not linger after the ride – we’ll tap a keg later in the year….but not after any of these first rides
  • Ride pods are limited to 50 riders. If we have more than 50 for a given ride, we will divide the ride into two groups.
  • Facemasks are not required while participating in the ride, but please be respectful of others while we are assembling before the ride.

The Considerations:

As our rides regularly traverse roads in both North Dakota and Minnesota, we are adopting the more strict state or local recommendation for any aspect of our events.

By mid-May, the population of Cass and Clay counties will be over 50% fully vaccinated with around two-thirds of the population having some level of immunity from either full/partial vaccinations or from recovery of COVID. Many of us are old enough to have known someone crippled by polio; we all got our shots in gym class. Here are a couple of resources to help you find out how to get your COVID shots.

Riding a bicycle in a group almost forces the standards of social distancing. It’s pretty hard to draft packed tighter than one rider per six feet. When we ride 2-up, we are within six feet of the other line. If you feel uncomfortable with this level of distancing, back off and give yourself a little extra room .

As always, all our rides will take place outdoors 😉


6:00 PMRiding 101
Ride with our guides and learn about group riding. This is a casually paced ride that is perfect for riders who have never ridden in a group on the road before. You’ll learn about group ride etiquette including proper hand signals and drafting all while having some fun along the way. This ride is typically 10-12 MPH pace for a distance of around 10 miles. This ride is welcome to all riders and all sorts of bikes! Helmet required.


6:00 PMTuesday Social Ride
This is our most popular ride. There’s always a friendly face to ride with on this conversationally paced group ride. Tuesday night rides typically average a 14-18 MPH pace over 20 to 25 miles covered. Road bike strongly recommended, helmets required.


There will be no Wednesday Ride when we resume our rides on May 17th, 2021. Stay tuned for information on when the Wednesday Road Ride might return.


6:00 PMThursday Training Ride
This ride is our fastest during the week. It focuses more on training and racing techniques in a pack. 18-24 MPH pace & 25 to 30 mile ride. Helmets required.

6:00PMWOW Road Ride (Women OWheels)
Women-only ride focuses on spinning & socializing. This is a 15-18 MPH pace, no-drop ride that typically covers 20 to 25 miles. Road bike strongly recommended, helmets required.

6:00 PMThursday Off-Road Ride
Ride to and through local single track on this off-road group ride. This ride is welcoming to riders of all skill and experience levels. Mountain bike and helmet required.

Other Local Rides, Clubs, and Events

“Y Ride”: Monday – Friday 5:45am Sharp from Fercho YMCA.
If your busy schedule only allows for a quick early morning ride, this could be the ride for you! Monday through Friday a group will gather and depart from the East side of the Fercho YMCA parking lot. They will depart this parking lot at 5:45am sharp so don’t be late! This is a spirited and fun ride that typically travels about 20-25 miles in a little over 1 hours time. A road bike is the optimal bike choice for this ride, except for Tuesday Gravel days. Y-Rides begin Monday, April 26th, 2021!

Monday – Road
Tuesday – Gravel
Wednesday – No Y-ride, save your legs for Rollag in the evening.
Thursday – Road
Friday – Road