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Folsom Prison Experience

Right from the start, when “doors open,” you will know you are not in “Kansas” any longer. The sights. The sounds. The feel will be like you were at Folsom Prison on January 13th, 1968. Don’t mess with the guards or the warden. They have a job to do! Even the ever-serious DJ/emcee Hugh Cherry has a job to do and won’t let you forget it. Don’t be late for “Roll Call,” or you could end up in the hole!

This fun immersive drama delivers a high-intensity recreation of one of Johnny Cash’s most important days in his musical career. Now in hindsight, it’s impressive how well everything turned out. See, Johnny was going through a tough time as that day was the official end of Johnny’s first marriage, and this affected him deeply. The band had difficulty getting Johnny interested in recording in the studio, so they decided to record LIVE in prison. What could go wrong? Well, come and find out just how drama-filled this day was. The now seemingly simple act of recording a show for a record in front of a captive audience in prison was anything but simple. The Folsom Prison Experience is directed by Stephanie Long and takes you back to this special day and gives you the day’s drama. Oh, and prison inmate attire encouraged as your part is to be THE PRISONERS!