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FM Frosted Drive-Thru Food Truck Fest

FM Frosted Drive-Thru Food Truck Fest is going to heat up your winter blues! It doesn’t matter how cold it is, stay safe and warm in your vehicle. Ten of our best vendors (most are multiple time winners at our festivals) are eager to bring you the same flavors you’ve become accustomed to during our summer events! Maybe we’re crazy, but you deserve a taste of “North of Normal” Fargo-Moorhead. We’re creating a craft food experience you and your family can enjoy in the middle of winter! We’ll announce the vendors in the weeks to come, but what you can expect are some of the most award winning food trucks from our events since 2013.
This event is just across the river from downtown Fargo, at the Moorhead Center Mall. Strategically, the trucks will gather within their parking ramp to “weather out” any potential temperature factors they might face over the weekend. This provides for a safe and comfortable experience in the middle of a pandemic, held during the middle of winter. Admission is only $2 per vehicle, bring your friends and family.
Once again, we are going to do our best to hire service industry workers who have experienced a downshift in income during the pandemic. And, we’re bringing back the virtual voucher program that provides you the opportunity to donate a gift certificate to frontline individuals who’ve been everyday heroes since the pandemic started.
Yes, there will be a wait, but we promise the flavor we deliver will be worth every minute. This is our first attempt to provide a cold-weather event, but these food truck operators are so eager to serve you. They’ve experienced just as much hardship as we all have in the past year. So this is our event, screw the frost, damn the virus, it’ll take a lot more to keep this community down. We’re so proud to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see you!