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Fargo Exotic Pet Expo 2020

The 7th annual Expo will be held on September 26th 2020 at the same location as 2019. The Red River Valley Fairgrounds Hartl Ag building has 9,600 square feet of space, three times the old hotel’s space!
You will see a wide array of vendors at the Expo, some returning and some new. They will have a vast number of different species of exotic pets from fish and corals to large snakes. Geckos, Chameleons, Ball Pythons, Retics, Fish, Corals, Sugar Gliders, Corn Snakes, Fancy Pigeons, Tortoises and even a number of exotic birds will all be represented.
Educational presentations will be available by leading area exotic pet experts. We have had presentations on efficient reef LEDs, nutrition in the reef aquarium, care of exotic birds, knowing your reptile’s future size and even performances by the amazing fancy pigeons! Speakers for 2020 have not been released yet, but you can expect it to be a great time!