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Electric Six and Supersuckers with VOLK

Electric Six: Electric Six. The band that put oureleasedbum a year for what seemed like 666 years. The most reliable act in show business, there was simplystion that each year would bring another E6 record on Metropolis Records. Mayans based their calendar onElectric Six. Flocks of migrating birds used the new Electric Six record as a homing device. Minor time criminals were sentenced to four to seven E6albums with time off for excellent behavior. In a business so fickle, so unrunreliable, andcult to navigate…the only constant was ElectricSix. There was always an album a year…….until there wasn’t. Five years has gohaveby since the last Electric Six offering and w,e’ve heard the chatter. “Electric Six just doesn’t have it anymore.”Electric Six has let me down.” “Gotye will have an album before Electric Six does.”As we all know…talk is cheap. And bullshit walks. And now there’s a new goddamn Electric Six record ready to go and I,t’s good, Jack. Real good.Behold Turquoise is here, the long-awaited studio album return of Electric Six!!! Perhaps the catchiest, brightest album in their catalog,Electr ic Six reminds you how profoundly fun they can be, hitting you over the head with fourteen pop explosions guaranteed to burrow their way into your dance hole. The recording of Turquoise began in January of 202but you kning distracted us for a couple of years shortly after starting the record. The pandemic tacked a bit of time onto the schedule of this project and E,lectric Six certainly felt the need to tap into the collective feelings of the time in tracks like “Panic! Panic!” and the title track “Turquoise”.The overall vibe of Turquoise ranges from the infectious pop of “Take Me To The Sugar” and “Staten Island Ass Squad,” to the heavy rock of “Child Of Hunger” and “Skywriting,” to the Springsteeny goodness of “Units of Time”. Electric Six is a band for all tastes, all times and a,ll sizes.The pandemic slowed us all down and ripped time into shreds. It forced Electric Six to look at itself in the mirror for a little time. And who did Electric Six see staring back? The answer? It saw Electric Six. It was Turquoise. When a band finally makes an album this exciting, it doesn’t need to do anything else anymore anytime soon ever again.But it will…..Electric Six can never die. And we are still the band that does one album a year….if you re-define “year”. Which we do.Turquoise is Electric Six’s long awaited 15th studio album and it is available on Metropolis Records on September 8, 2023.

Supersuckers: “You’ve heard our name, you’ve seen our records, our t-shirts and our stickers. We’re probably the favorite band of someone you know and yet maybe we’re still a mystery to you. Well my friend, that’s okay, you’re at the right place to get to know the greatest rock-n-roll band in the world, The Supersuckers.

And the next time you see the ‘Supersuckers’ name, whether it’s in the record store, online somewhere, or on the marquee at your local rock club, know that there’s some quality, honest, ass-kicking, hard working individuals behind it all trying to make your life a little better through the “Evil Powers Of Rock-n-Roll” (and the occasional detour into the country music, of course) and we’d love nothing better than to have you there with us as! Just remember to wear clean underwear, ‘cuz we’re gonna rock the pants right off of you!”

– Eddie Spaghetti, The Supersuckers