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Celebrate cooler weather with us at Driftoberfest, Interstate Raceway’s final 2022 drifting event. Cars will be sliding around the track at high speeds all weekend, and we have a team tandem competition on Saturday. The drivers love hosting ride-along, and the event is family-friendly. Bring a camping chair and catch all the track action from the main turn. Concessions will have hot food and beverages to stave off the incoming chilly weather.

New to drifting? In short: it’s the sport of oversteering around a course while keeping the nose or tail of the vehicle as close to the wall or inside of a turn (known as a clipping point) as possible. Think of it as a “controlled slide.” It’s popular among import enthusiasts, similar to how drag racing is famous for muscle car enthusiasts. You’ve seen it in action movies, so come check it out in person.