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Dempseys: Michael Str!ke and the God Damn Band

The Aquarium invades Dempsey’s for a Sunday evening on the Ides of March.

Michael Str!ke and the God Damn Band embark on yet another tour bringing their unique “one man band” styling to the folk genre. This time around they bring their home state family in Old Wolves for the ride.

Old Wolves (Wisconsin)
Weaving together elements of doom, blues, folk, and raw feeling, Joe Zumpano is a true force to be reckoned with. Every line he has written and every chord he strikes is littered with the ghosts of a memory. There’s the rest of the world, and then there’s Old Wolves.

Owen Broke (Mr Meaner)
Labeled as “sad ass depressing folk”, the frontman man of Mr Meaner brings a different form of raw to his solo endeavor. Less party, more feelings, still dusty.

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