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Growing up in the small town of Carter Lake, Iowa, David developed a love of stand-up comedy from an early age. After he finally gave it a try in college, he immediately developed a passion for performing, but he waited to fully pursue that passion until after his graduation from the University of Nebraska – Omaha. Since then, his sole focus has been to make people laugh.

Still in Omaha, Nebraska, David has entertained and delighted many crowds at breweries, comedy clubs, and festivals across the country. His humor focuses mostly on anecdotes and observations about a variety of topics, including his marriage, life in the Midwest, and growing up religious. He’ll even throw the occasional dark joke in there to keep you on your toes.

In 2016, his stand-up was featured on “Omaha Live!” on the Omaha NBC affiliate, and in 2019, he was featured on “Oma-Ha!” on KPAO in Omaha. David was brought on as a host of The World Series of Comedy from 2021- 2023. In 2023 David was also featured in Cracked.com’s list of “Jokes Everybody Should Know From Unknown Comics.”