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Cocktail Class

Learn to make and sample cocktails following the root cocktail theory from the book Cocktail Codex.
Making cocktails at home can seem a daunting task. The ingredients, the techniques, and the wide array of recipes can all be overwhelming, so let us help simplify. The Cocktail Codex, a James Beard award-winning book written by bartenders and drinks experts, postulates that all cocktails can be traced to six “root” drinks – The Old-Fashioned, The Martini, The Daiquiri, The Sidecar, The Whiskey Highball, and The Flip.
In this second class in sequence, you will join our newest cocktail phenom, Nick Wheeler, in exploring the variations of two of these root cocktails: the Martini and The Sidecar. Nick will present three variations of each drink, teaching you the techniques you need to make them and home while serving you delicious samples. Join us and explore the world of cocktails, which is so much more fun once you have cracked the code.
COVID-19 Protocols: While we are excited to resume hosting events, we are aware of the risk that remains from COVID-19. Because of this, we are asking that all attendees provide proof of vaccination when they come to the class. The nature of our event makes social distancing and masking impractical, so until advice changes, our classes will be limited to vaccinated customers only.
Must be 21+ to attend.